Useful tips

  • Water is a precious commodity and should not be wasted. Currently it is drawn from a well, filtered, potabilized and then distributed inside the house. This involves considerable costs, the use of the bath tub or whirlpool (session of 30 minutes) is therefore subject to a supplement of 12 euros.
  • Wi-Fi: WiFi is offered free of charge and is available via the cellular network. The navigation speed depends on the signal quality and the weather conditions, and is generally suitable for “normal” use. It is not suitable for intensive use such as video streaming, teleworking, videochat, filesharing, etc.
  • The animals are an active part of the house: there are dogs, hens and roosters, geese, ducks, bees, … They are also welcome your pets, which will find bowls, pillows and everything that may need them. The overnight stay must be requested in advance and is subject to additional cost based on the size and type of animal.
  • The house is well ventilated and the evenings are generally fresh. On extremely hot days it is possible to request the activation of the air conditioning by paying a supplement according to the needs of use.
  • We recommend maximum respect for home supplies. In particular, we remind you to optimize the consumption of toilet paper, not to throw anything else in the toilet and to use the appropriate bins. We also recommend removing make-up before going to sleep and not using the supplied towels for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden to use hair dyes and dyes of any kind in all rooms of the house.